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Enhanced lighting Inc. can show you how to save costs on your energy use within your facility.  A major component of any company's electrical cost is your lighting.  We can show you how to save electricity with a lighting retrofit and improve the quality of light in your buildings, while having the energy savings actually pay for the improvements.  This is commonly known as performance contracting.  

​If you are located in New York we also work on procuring any utility or government grants available if you qualify.  In some instances we can also introduce you to lower cost energy suppliers.  All you have to do for a quote is give us your account numbers for your electric and gas and we do the rest. 

​We have thirty-seven years experience in the electrical field and Richard Dunn who is in charge of lighting services is Lighting Certified.  We can also set up preventative maintenance programs to keep your systems running efficiently. We have been involved in all types of lighting projects from small retail outlets to large commercial and industrial facilities, as well as, large housing complexes.  Check out our project listing page.